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How it Works

Getting started is simple. If you have an iOS or Android game you want published by PolarCap or one of our distribution partners, just fill out the form on this page and we'll get back to you shortly.

Why PolarCap?

Whether you've already released your game or not, PolarCap can help. We'll cover the platform publishing costs, focus on marketing, and let you focus on making your game great. We don't want to just publish for you, we want to partner with you. Our in-house teams provide feedback, and we offer additional services for anything from asset design to audio design to programming assistance.

PolarCap has a built-in audience from our existing roster of games, merchandising, our online video content, and our social media community. We also have unique and exclusive relationships with distribution partners that can be leveraged in ways that don't exist elsewhere in the industry for smaller studios. 


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