Personal Podcast Shoutout

Personal Podcast Shoutout


Say hi to your friends, tell your wife and kids you love them, or make one of us say some dumb nonsense. Be nice to people.

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When you buy a personal shoutout for a show on the PolarCap Network, you buy a permanent mark on an episode that you can use to

  • Wish your friend Steve a happy Arbor Day
  • Tell your flaky group of pals to text you back about those vacation plans
  • Propose to your partner (they'd better be PRETTY COOL to be down with this)

Also, keep it chill and be nice to people. If there's something offensive in your shoutout or some sort of activation code that will turn all of the Amazon Alexas in the world into killer robots, we probably won't read it.

That being said, if you want to make Eric say something that would make a funny, not horrible sound byte, that'll probably fly.